Pod 7

From £75.00 per night

You must select your food package for the duration of your stay to proceed with this booking. We do not offer self catering options. If there is any other extras you wish to add to your stay like Hot Tub please do so prior to check out to avoid any disappointment. Food packages, Fishing fees and all other extras will be charged at check in on site.

Terms and Conditions – Only one angler is permitted per pod, with up to 3 rods.  If you wish to cancel or rearrange your  booking  you will need to notify us 7 days prior to your check in day. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds, this includes cancellations due to ill health, covid, changes in guidelines and natural disasters.

However, we do offer a gift voucher for the same amount as your original booking that can be used from 6 months of issue date.

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